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Resident Spotlight

karen Grady


My husband and I believe that if everyone tries the best they can with the resources they have to hand, and with care and consideration for the environment and community, we can all achieve truly sustainable outcomes.

I live at Black Ant Alpaca Farm in the beautiful Noosa Hinterland, Queensland, Australia.  With husband Gordon, I farm alpacas, raise silk worms and blend these wonderful fibres to create hand spun, hand woven, one-of-a-kind garments. 

I was raised at Kin Kin, and still own a portion of the original land that has been in the family for four generations. As a kid growing up, I was always told the aboriginal name for the area, ‘Kauin Kauin’, meant, small black ant.

From being at the forefront of sustainability for Australia’s largest companies, to establishing one of Australia’s Top 10 Modern B & Bs, in 2010 I returned ‘home’.  This is where, serendipity stepped in.  To help manage the farm, we bought two alpacas, a gorgeous vintage Ettrick Original spinning wheel, and, later, a vintage Sheridan table loom. Now, with a small herd of alpacas and dozens of mulberry trees, we are part of a ‘slow fashion’ movement.

Alpacas, and silk worms, are the ideal choice for our sustainable lifestyle.  They are both beautiful, gentle animals, tread lightly on the land and yield luxurious fleece and fibre: which, when hand spun and hand woven looks and feels stunning.  They are my raison d’etre.  Spinning and weaving alpaca and silk are my passions.

In 2014, we ‘rescued’ a very much cherished Leclerc Nilus II loom which had, sadly, been through the devastating 2010 Brisbane floods - with some TLC she, Harriot, returned to near perfect condition. 

My heart, and my weaving, soared.

I relish seeing the alpacas in their paddocks, knowing the characteristics of each fleece, seeing the silk worms’ emerge from their cocoons; considering the blends of alpaca and silk I will use in each item.  I hand-dye the silk, and blend these gorgeous fibres which I weave in my Studio Gallery on the farm - with the fleece and fibre producers only metres away.

I strive to bring out the best in alpaca and silk using colour and texture to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind, bespoke garments - from start to finish.  From my land, and generations of family before me, sustainable pieces you will want to wear, and wear, and wear.  Forever Garments.

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