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Resident Spotlight

Simone Eisler

Simone Eisler's beautiful new sculpture " GROWING UP / REACHING DOWN " has now been installed in Main Street, Kin Kin. It was commissioned as a public artwork by Councillor Tony Wellington while he was representing Division 12 on the Sunshine Coast Council. The work is situated at the entry to the village as a welcoming sign symbolising unity, germination and growth.

While developing her ideas for the work Simone carried out extensive research, consulting historical photographs and documents, the Pomona Museum, Landcare and quite a few local residents. She was also inspired by her experiences growing up in Kin Kin on the family farm and exploring the local forests. The property is dotted with large granite boulder formations and one site in particular where Simone played as a child influenced this sculpture. Named by Simone and her brother, "Kiddies' Paradise"is a large ancient fig which emerges from a cluster of rocks held together by sprawling roots…

The sculpture is made of aluminium with a rust/verdigris patina. Simone intends the work to weather naturally for a while before applying a clear protective coating and eventually, when funding becomes available, adding some lighting.

The work's fluid lines form nurturing hands reaching down to the earth and organic foliage incorporating the name of the town. This refers to Kin Kin's emerging green and creative economy and its significant botanical history.

Botanist W. D. Francis, one of Queensland's pioneering botanists owned land in the area and identified many native trees. The native species of Boronia Kesii was ‘re-discovered’ in Kin Kin.

In the late 1870s timber getters cleared large areas of forest and land and in 1904 a road was constructed across the Kin Kin range from Pomona and development quickly progressed. Bell'sTree was a massive Kauri Pine over 600 years old near the junction with Moran Group Roads. Kin Kin became known all over Australia for its fine timbers, particularly the gigantic kauri pines, eucalypts and cedar.

Simone grew up in Kin Kin, attended the Queensland College of Art, has exhibited internationally. and has been commissioned for many significant public artworks. For more on her work see her website.